Thank you for connecting and taking the time to look into, NEUlotus and the opportunity to have our product in your Studio space!

First things first, what are the wholesale prices?

We have a downloadable PDF outlining our wholesale prices from your first studio set up, to restocking NEUlotus for your retail space. Just click here, fill it out and send it back or just email us with any questions!

How many should I buy?

Typically we suggest buying enough NEUlotus to outfit the size of your yoga room. One per client is ideal.

I have a retail section, what will I get to display with the NEUlotus?

Each NEUlotus comes in its own individual reusable bag with a ‘how to use’ pan-flit. And we send along a multi style picture frame with some key points and pictures, along with the suggested retail price for your display.

How do they stand up to studio use and cleaning?

The NEUlotus has a closed cell surface so your students can use the prop during class, give it a quick wipe down and its ready to go for the next class. The surface of the NEUlotus can not grow any bacteria because it is a closed cell construction! This means it stays clean and you’ll never have to replace them!

IMG_8066Where are they made and are they environmentally friendly?

Our NEUlotus is proudly made in Canada, and so are our bags! The prop itself is foam with a closed cell surface and is PVC free, so your clients can relax and know there is no funny chemicals coming their way! NEUlotus was also meant to last, so we hope your studio will keep these around for years and years to come so you never have to send them onto the landfill to restock!

Has anyone endorsed the product?

Yes! We have a MD Pain Specialist whom has endorsed the NEUlotus product and he says,

“We want people to get out of the practitioners office and home working on healthy, useful programs. NEUlotus is a tool that can help achieve this end point” – Dr. Karl Muendel, MD Pain Specialist

We have also collaborated with many Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors, Massage Therapists
and Chiropractors to fine tune the NEUlotus.