Every pose can be comfortable with NEUlotus. Align. Connect. Breathe.


Align. Connect. Breathe. NEUlotus

NEUlotus has been specifically designed with meditation and seated postures in mind, as the shape allows your SIT bones to be grounded to your mat, rocking your pelvis forward just enough to be neutral. When we sit in a neutral pelvis, our spine can lengthen into its natural curves, bringing an ease to seated work. It can allow you to deepen your meditation practice as you will no longer be focusing on your back, just your breathe! Unlike other props, NEUlotus keeps you close to the ground and is easy to bring along your travels. Try it, It may just change your life.

NEUlotus… Making it simple! To put this in the easiest terms, we have made an easy to use, easy to carry, compact prop that will allow you to align, connect and breathe in many exercises and postures throughout your asana practice.

Here are What some Yogis are saying

NEUlotus is ideal for seated meditation. For the times when i'm sitting on the floor with no back support, this prop supports my lower spine and keeps me tall and well aligned. Thank you NEUlotus!   - Elena Brower, Author, Art of Attention, Meditation and Yoga Teacher
"Changed my posture, Changed my life, I recommend it for everybody." - Hali Love, Multi Style Yoga
I have suffered with spinal issues since my late teen years. In 1986 (at 19 years of age) I had intense sciatic pain down both of my legs. This resulted in me undergoing an intrusive orthopedic procedure on my lumber spine (L3-4, L4-5). This operation was successful in eliminating the sciatic pain. In 1996, I started to have significant pain and discomfort in the region of my lumbar spine. An MRI identified I had significant spinal degeneration in my lumber spine specifically around the area of my surgery site. In 2001, the sciatic pain resurfaced. For the past 14 years I have participated in various medical procedures in an effort to minimize the pain/discomfort. In 2005 I started participating in ‘radio frequency' procedures every 6 months, plus botox injections inter-muscularity. Then my MIRACLE happened:  In September 2015 I was introduced to the ‘NEUlotus’ and my life changed immediately. I now sit in various yoga asana positions with no pain and I sit in an office chair for long periods of time with no pain - simply by using the ‘NEUlotus’. To be honest, this little rubber thing really blows my mind - something so simple, easy to use, cost effective - and yet so effective in reducing my pain (like nothing else has been able to do). I will be forever thankful to Kate for introducing me to ‘NEUlotus’! - Much Light & Bliss, – Rhoni (Multi Style Yoga International).

3 Easy ways to use your NEUlotus yoga prop


From meditation to any seated yoga poses, NEUlotus will make sure that your pelvis stays neutral.

Lying on your front

Place the NEulotus prop under your hip bones to allow space in your low back for poses such as Cobra, Sphinx and Bow pose.

For core work

Placeing your NEUlotus as a wedge between your pelvis and your mat during core work will help you to stabalize and train your true core. No more back pain, all core gain!

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